WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

November has arrived and the temperature has begun to drop. It’s hard to find an outfit that fits the sometimes sunny, breezy weather of the day and the icy, cold nights. With all the busy duties of school and work, it’s hard to find time in-between to change an outfit, which is why you need the perfect day to night outfit. Today’s Fashionisto has put together his outfit perfectly to fit this occasion.

He’s wearing a long sleeve yellow, blue and white striped plaid shirt paired with dark denim blue H&M jeans. To complete the look and give it more edge, he rocks the outfit with Steve Madden’s men blue keros, a Star Wars printed snapback hat and a silver chain necklace around his neck. Different colored plaid shirts are very popular this season and a perfect choice for fall weather. The snapback gives the typical plaid and jeans outfit pairing a more fun, easygoing vibe. Snapbacks are also perfect for taming and showing off long locks, for the men who are letting their hair grow out this season. The Fashionisto’s outfit is very relaxed, but also a bit dressy with touches of the Fashionisto’s personal style.

This outfit is perfect for autumn because the long sleeve shirt, boots and hat all keep him warm. If the Fashionisto gets too hot, he can simply roll up his sleeves or take off his hat to tie his locks into the very in man bun hairstyle. He rocks this outfit and pulls off the combination of a skater/hip-hop look.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionisto wants to take a lovely girl out for dinner, he might change his shoes for dressier penny loafers as well as ditch the hat and style his hair as desired.