WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

November 26th, 2015 at 2:10am

Effortlessness is a key component in any Parisians daily look. As American students studying abroad, we have adapted many key ideas from the culture around us. Comfort, along with simplicity, in one complete and graceful look. This is a typical everyday aesthetic of any Parisian. Transitional clothing is key with class all day, and nightlife on its way. This Fashionista represents the perfect combination of everyday wear ability with the power to transition an easy look from day to night.

Thrift shops are a priority in this Fashionista’s style, along with the majority of the crowd residing in the streets of Paris. Her mom jeans are the highlight of the outfit, drawing in nineties denim inspiration. Fall colors are still significant as the season quickly comes to an end, in the sleeveless, burnt orange knit and her black leather boots make this look flexible. She can wear it to work or class, and easily switch a few items in order to have a night on the town. Accessorizing is simple based on the significant silhouette and bright colors of the two garments. As the weather has yet to get too cold in the city, a lightweight jacket is the only thing necessary to finish off this look.

Hit up your local thrift shop in order to steal this Fashionista’s look. Customize the dated denim to your height and aesthetic and recreate a look of your own. For a more easygoing look, simply cut the hem of the jeans and fray them by machine-washing them. Easily cuffing the jeans will also add to any vintage-inspired outfit.

One Simple Change: Paris is a relatively casual city when it comes to nighttime attire. Here you can easily substitute the cropped trench coat for a sleek black blazer or dark toned sweater. Looking for something more? Replace the sleeveless sweater with a lacy camisole and blazer combination for a done up version of this ’90s-inspired look.