WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Fall is in full swing here at Sacred Heart, and the cooler weather has begun to settle in. With this bold, beautiful season you cannot help but get inspired, and your outfit choices are bound to reflect that. Deep hues found on mother natures vibrant trees paired with seasonal outdoor activities in the crisp air make you want to get up and get out. Whether it’s apple picking, pumpkin picking or strolling through a corn maze with your friends, your outfit must live up to all this season has to offer.

This Fashionista sure knows how to adapt to the cooler weather while rocking fall’s glorious colors in her outfit choice. Her cable knit knee-high socks are a playful addition to her look, adding just the right amount of schoolgirl style while simultaneously keeping her warm. She paired them perfectly with her brown suede booties and maroon high-waisted skirt. Knee-high socks are trending this season and can be worn in a variety of fun, fashionable ways. The most popular way is probably with a dress or miniskirt as this Fashionista did, but others include as an extra layer over sheer tights, or even scrunched down with knee-high boots. Whatever way you choose to wear them, I promise knee-high socks will be your new B.F.F. this fall.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and you are sure to achieve a look that is perfect for daytime casual, and can be easily transitioned to nighttime glam. She completes her ensemble flawlessly with a black, cropped T-shirt, gold statement necklace and long gray cardigan.

One Simple Change: Want to take your look up a notch for the weekend? Layer the knee-high socks with a pair of sheer tights and it will add a dash of dressy. Whether you stick with your booties or change into a pair of over-the-knee boots, your style is sure to look RAD!