WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

October 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Girls, we all know it can take us ages to get ready for a night out, especially after a long week of class, and if Friday’s your busiest day of the week. You don’t have time to spare to get cute twice in one day, am I right? So, what’s the solution? A versatile outfit that will be comfortable enough to last you through the hectic day, but will also be flirty and stylish enough to wear on a night out.

This Fashionista did a really good job of mixing different trends, but making it look effortlessly chic. Clearly, the leading light of the outfit is the beautiful pair of floral shorts, as the vibrant colors and print immediately catch your eye. She paired the piece with an edgy, studded leather jacket, which surprisingly works really well with the softer shorts. And not to overpower both statement pieces, she just wore a simple black halter-top. The accessories she picked out also complement the outfit perfectly. If recreating this outfit, layered chains are best (not too many, though!). The booties she wore are actually part of what makes the outfit so adaptable. The heel isn’t that high and is comfortable for the most part, so it’s good to wear to class and while running errands but will also give your outfit that extra kick (no pun intended) on a night out. The bright lipstick adds the perfect touch as it is enhanced by the colors in the shorts.

One Simple Change: This look is so trendy and dope already, but it would also work perfectly for a concert! Just switch out the booties for some sneakers, because we all know we need to be comfortable if you’re going to be dancing and jumping around all night.