WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

October 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

We’ve all been there. We have a full day planned in town and realize we don’t have time to run home and change to meet our friends for a night out. Well, I’m here to tell you not to worry because with an outfit like this you don’t have to.

A simple and fashionable floral kimono will be your go-to piece for a quick day to night look. This Fashionista’s floral kimono can easily be taken off and stowed away in her trendy small black purse for a more striking nighttime appearance. Her olive corduroy skinny jeans give the nighttime look just enough texture without looking over the top. Her black booties that have a textured heel and her black statement bracelet take this outfit right to the top.

What else makes this outfit a winner? Polished nails and simple makeup. I am a strong believer that when your nails are polished you feel like you have your life together. Look how great the bright red polish on this Fashionista’s nails make her hands look in the detail shots. Her makeup is simple and her matte lipstick makes this look effortless while also tying in the kimono beautifully.

One Simple Change: Do your nighttime festivities involve a little more then a night out on the town? If you’re going to be standing for a while, you may want to switch the black booties out for cute black flats. This will save your feet from the pain we all know too well of standing on tiptoe all night. A concert is a great example of a time when looking cute is a must, but standing in a heeled shoe all night will have you thinking more about your sore feet than how hot Adam Levine looks on stage.