WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Welcome to the days of busy collegiettes. From classes to internships to date night, sometimes the days are just too long and jammed to afford time to change clothes. But, there is a way to effortlessly carry one look from day into night without ever looking out of place.

Maxi skirts are the ultimate rescue here. From formal to casual to party-ready, maxi skirts can be worn effortlessly everywhere. This Fashionista takes the ever-in pink maxi skirt to style herself round the clock.  Comfortable, yet sexy, maxi skirts give your plain T-shirt a #RAD look.  This shimmer tank top adds drama to the look, making it ideal for evenings and dates. The bling look never gets old and is an essential in every fashion-lover’s closet. The trick is to play it light. Contrasting colors give a rich boost to an outfit, which makes it all the more appealing. For example, a black T-shirt makes a pink skirt pop even more.

 Add minimal accessories; let the colors do the talking. This Fashionista chose a simple neck piece to complement her top, which allows her to flaunt the subtle fineries of the shimmer tank top. She also added a fun pair of shoes; brightly colored high heels have never let anyone down. Choose a pair of comfortable heels that won’t leave your feet aching all day. And don’t forget to smile, ladies.

One Simple Change: While this look is awesome for classes or dates, try a simpler top for your internship. Switch to an elegant, plain top that still draws attention to your maxi skirt, but also adds a touch of sophistication.