WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

You know those days where you have one million and one things to do and you have no idea what to wear? There are those kinds of days where you need an outfit that is going to last you all day, still look good and is appropriate for all the occasions you might be attending and all the wonderful people you will be seeing. So, the big question is how do you get preppy, sporty, street, casual and dressy all in one outfit?

It’s not an easy task, but this Fashionisto definitely makes it look easy. He is wearing a double zero, tropical printed mesh jersey with a pair of straight leg black jeans. This Fashionisto is wearing a light brown men’s fedora hat. The fedora hat is largely in style this summer. Both men and women are rocking this style hat, and it’s great because it’s dressy and casual at the same time. In addition, the hats are typically unisex, but this Fashionisto’s hat has a wide brim, which makes it even more masculine and appropriate for this outfit. His Fedora dresses up his casual jersey, making his outfit even more appropriate for multiple occasions and errands that have to be done.

To close in more on his accessories, he is wearing a sporty black watch that matches his maroon colored kicks. Although sneakers are typically sporty, these are a little more dressy because they are made out of a shiny leather material.

From the fedora to the dressy sneakers or the mesh jersey to the dark jeans, this Fashionisto has combined all the necessary elements to make this outfit perfect for a day to night transition without changing one piece of his outfit.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionisto wanted to impress the date of his dreams, he might switch the jersey to a nice button-down and he is all set for a nice dinner.