WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Internships, summer jobs and other activities take up our time during the summer months before we hit the textbooks once again in the fall. After spending the day indoors you might have plans later at night to meet up with friends. If you don’t have time to head back home for a change of clothes, what then should you do? Well, this week’s Fashionista has the perfect outfit to take you from day to night.

The Fashionista has a couple key elements in her outfit that make it possible for it to be a day to night outfit. On top, the Fashionista wears a sleeveless gray chiffon top with ruffle detail and a metal clasp. For the bottom she wears a pair of black pants. Both of these items are neutral tones that work well in the office or wherever your job or internship might be. As for footwear the Fashionista wears a beige-toned pair of heels. The heels have a good amount of height that they aren’t too high to become uncomfortable after a few hours of being worn. She also carries a small, black, over-the-shoulder purse.

The key to any outfit that needs to work from day to night is choosing neutral tones and items that can be worn at both times and by simply adding an accessory can easily be transformed. Simple everyday make-up and an outfit with tones that can work for any occasion are key to a day to night outfit.

One Simple Change: Cold summer nights? Bring a cardigan to layer on top to stay warm on a cold night.