WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Friends, it’s Friday, and let me tell you what a week it has been! Y’all have one more day of whatever your “work” qualifies as left; however, this day transitions into night and thus comes the weekend in all its glory and goodness. This Fashionista’s outfit is fashionable, functional and exemplifies what any women of faith would classify as modest and fabulous for many occasions, especially for day to night attire.

The skinny jeans are practical and stylish especially with the high-waisted cut and double set of accent buttons. They shape and frame her figure nicely while not revealing too much. The necklace that this Fashionista wore adds a bit of uniqueness to her ensemble. These necklace pieces are meaningful to this Fashionista and they nonverbally give you a glimpse into what her passions are without even having to speak a word.

This outfit is perfect for a day to night attire. It is fashionable during the day and is wonderful for a night out on the town with some girlfriends. The simple and elegant sweater is going to keep her cool even after the long, hot summer days. What is awesome is that this outfit is versitle for any month or season of the year. So, what would work for her on a cool summer night would be also nice for a cool and crisp autumn day.

One Simple Change: Simply adding shoes would take this outfit from casual to sophisticated. A fancy pair of heels would take this outfit from day to night to appropriate for a date night with a man so deserving of this Fashionista’s beauty and grace.