WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

When summer comes around, the number of things to do is endless. There are movies in the park, music festivals and concerts, the beach, theme parks, pop-up markets and so much more. Summer is the best time to get out and do all of these things. Not everyone has summer off, which means they have to do these things after hours. After work or an internship, you may not want to go back home and change, which is where day to night outfits come in. Wearing an outfit that is work/internship friendly and then making a few changes to it can save a lot time. The best way to make an outfit day to night is to wear transitional pieces. A few transitional pieces would be a blazer, a pencil skirt and heels. When figuring out an outfit to wear, think of clothing items that give a nighttime feel, but are also appropriate for work.

This lovely Fashionista was wearing a chic peplum top with a simple black skirt. She paired it with a nice pair of wedges and a simple black structured bag. The peplum top could easily be worn for night, but it is also a great top for work. The design on the shirt makes it a statement piece on its own. When wearing this outfit in the office, just add a blazer and throw on some flats. When it’s time to clock out and time to start the party, throw on an awesome pair of wedges, take off the blazer, add a vibrant lip color and add some jewelry. Now you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

One Simple Change: If you want to make this look a day to date night one instead, put on a pair of heels (color works best), let your hair down and add a statement necklace. Although you’re still in the clothes you wore to work, you’ll feel date ready.