WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

July 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summertime has always been a careless time for me. Sleeping in, laying out and letting loose with friends is usually what my schedules includes. In the midst of all this relaxation, it’s easy to lose track of time. This can be all fun and games until you realize you have to be somewhere and you don’t have the usual amount of time to prep. I always thought this way until I came across this Fashionisto. He has mastered the day to night ensemble for the summer and it’s totally worth sharing with you all.

If your plans include hanging by the pool, ocean, lake or just outside, more than likely you’ll find yourself wearing some kind of bathing suit or cover-up. After a day of lounging around, you’ll want to transition into the night without much effort. It’s as easy as pairing your top or bottoms with a garment that falls within a similar color scheme. If you can, try to look for something with a pop of color or a bright neon as this Fashionisto has. Another “summer staple” I want to point out is the ever popular string friendship bracelet. I know, I know this certainly isn’t “trendy,” but not everything has to be! Relax, it’s summer! This outfit is finished off with a pair of neutral flip flops. These work perfectly as a transition piece because they can be taken off at the beach and won’t slow you down for your evening plans.

One Simple Change: Evening plans not so casual? Swap out the bathing suit for something dressier. A pair of dark-wash denim would work well with this fitted tank. You can also swap the string accessory for something metal or leather.