WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

I won’t lie: college can be tough. I find myself constantly grappling with time and struggling to not offset the delicate equilibrium amongst work, sleep and play. Getting enough sleep was always a losing battle for me—I can recall all those sleep-deprived nights where I watched the sunrise emerge from my study lounge window through groggy eyes. Even so, I can also recall blissful nights of food and nonstop laughter with my roommate and best friend. College can absolutely entail the best of both worlds! I can empathize with college students whose packed schedules make it difficult or impractical to go straight from class to go grab dinner and celebrate with friends, without returning to their room first to change. That’s when prepping your transition look from day to night comes in handy.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for this particular type of situation because it’s comfortable enough for class and yet dressy enough to go out. She starts off with a simple yet versatile black crop top for a clean silhouette. Personally, I absolutely love cropped pieces because I think they’re a match made in heaven for pairing any type of high-waisted bottoms. In this case, she pairs it with a high-waisted skort decked out in a dark floral print. The huge pleats and flowy silhouette of the skort have the illusion of making this article of clothing appear as a skirt, but they are in fact shorts. Skorts definitely offer more coverage and are more fuss-free than mini skirts, which make them much more practical for class.

Because of the floral’s bright pop of color, her skort instantly become the focus of her outfit. The bright colors make her outfit daytime friendly, while the breathability of her outfit’s fabrics make her comfortable enough to sit through lecture after lecture. Although floral is usually associated with spring and summer, I think the fact that it’s a dark floral print adds an interesting twist. The dark floral simultaneously works well for creating sleek nighttime attire. The black Converse similarly have a functional duality; the sneakers are perfect for running around campus all day in, and they pair well with an almost all-black outfit for a nighttime transition. The matte red lipstick completes and refines the entire look for a bit more glam.

One Simple Change: If you’re planning for a girl’s night out or even a date night, you can always take it up a notch by switching out black sneakers for some black heels. A pair of classic black pumps can instantly change the overall formality of an outfit. Just pack them in a separate bag—you can slip into them after class ends without needing to troop through the entire campus with them beforehand.