WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Transitioning from daywear to nightwear can sometimes feel like the most challenging obstacle in the fashion world. Have you ever just stood in front of your closet stressing over having to change or not knowing how to make your outfit look different enough for your night out? It is quite honestly one of the most frustrating things a Fashionista can go through.

Thankfully, completely changing your outfit isn’t truly a necessity, which is something that this Fashionista has clearly figured out. For her day of summer classes, she has opted for a neutral, unassuming romper. Paired with simple, flat sandals, this is the perfect look for a casual day out, whether it is spent in class, running errands or just hanging around town.

This Fashionista accessorizes her outfit with only a pair of basic black sunglasses, which work perfectly for the daytime. This small, tasteful touch adds to her look without making it look gaudy. However, combining your sunglasses with your outfit should be done with caution. Make sure that your sunglasses complement your face and your personality! Needless to say, this Fashionista does this flawlessly.

Even if you’re not comfortable with sunglasses, small jewelry looks fantastic when paired with a detailed romper such as this. You can never go wrong with the layered necklace look or even some stackable rings.

One Simple Change: Although this look is clearly perfect for the day, it can also be made into a fabulous nighttime look by simply adding a pair of heels and a cropped blazer. Remember, during the day it may seem easy to go overboard, but night is the time to let all of your crazy fashion ideas fly. Let your inner Fashionista shine and accessorize to your heart’s content!