WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Finding an outfit that can be easily transferable (while equally cute) from day to night is no walk in the park. The trouble that most people find is being too overdressed for a day out and about and too casual for a nice sushi dinner. Have no fear: this stylish Fashionista has the perfect solution for you.

When trying to find an ensemble that leads to an understated transition from saying hello to the sun and then the moon, make sure to have a equal parts casual to fancy. Take this Fashionista for example: she pairs a classic black tank top with a beautiful, flowy sheer skirt. Not only does this skirt look gorgeous when relaxing in the sun, it can also turn into an extremely elegant look for an evening out. Another A+ component of this Fashionista’s vibe are her banging rain boots. Who said you can’t look stylish in the rain? Opt for a pair of glossy navy boots for a checkmate to the dreary weather. Don’t forget about that adorable umbrella either. When you’re splashing around in the puddles during the day, you don’t want to ruin that perfect updo. Find an umbrella that’s so chic, there are days you actually wish for rain.

To turn this look from day to night does not need a magic wand (although who wouldn’t want their own Fairy Godmother?) All that you need to do is switch out the rain boots for a wedge or a slingback, and add a statement necklace. By completing these two simple steps, you are well on your way to having a beautiful night, without having to run home and change.

One Simple Change: If having an easily transferable outfit isn’t your cup of tea, this outfit can easily turn into a perfect one for a girl’s night out. When you’re with your girlfriends, take this opportunity to get a little more daring, a little funky. Add some chunky jewelery and maybe even a blazer for a fun night with your gal pals.