WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

It’s Saturday, and you and a few girlfriends have spent all day frolicking up and down through the Uptown area. It is now eight o’clock and you realize that you are not ready to turn down the fun just yet. You don’t want to go home because it is out of the way, so having an outfit that you could switch up on the spot could pretty much be your life saver.

I am obsessed with this entire outfit! I love how the there are combinations of hard, edgy aspects along with soft lines. I cannot emphasize any further on how mixing textures and prints can prove to be more beneficial than detrimental when it comes in pulling together an outfit. It just does.

Here, this Fashionista is wearing a leather bandeau with a front silver zipper. She has this with a long white skirt with some incredible detailing featured in the material. She layers up with a soft, oversized button-up in a mixture of blue colors. For shoes, she went with a pair of black combat boots. Accessories are very light, just an ear full of earrings. Her makeup is everything with the whitish-blue under eyeliner and the bright pink lip—perfect for summer.

To be able to wear this outfit at night, I would start by ditching the combat boots. If you are anything like me, your car is your closet. I tend to have at least three pairs of heels in my trunk at all times. Switch into a pair of black heels to go with the leather bandeau. I would probably go strappy with this platform to give more into the edgy look and without a platform to look more elegant. Keep the skirt and get rid of the oversized button-up. For lipstick, I would go a bit deeper, as far as color, to give it a more nighttime look. One of my favorite nighttime lip colors is Cyber by MAC. It is a deep plum and it complements all skin tones, I swear! Add a simple silver chain (remember, the zipper on the bandeau is silver), and now you have transformed yourself and are ready to take over the night!

One Simple Change: This outfit could easily be transformed into something you could probably wear out on a date. I say lose both the skirt and bandeau and replace it with a solid colored dress, preferably a flowy one. Put a hold on the combat boots and grab a pair of wedges, and you are now good to go.