WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

We all have our fashion regrets. Many regret not buying those sandals that were on sale at Urban Outfitters last weekend, while many Fashionistas regret passing on those leather leggings that could probably be worn almost everywhere for any occasion. One regret I definitely don’t have is investing in the multiple maxi dresses that are currently invading my closet. Maxi dresses are easily the greatest thing to ever happen to fashion. Better yet, they are probably one of the greatest items to ever hit my closet. What’s so great about these pieces is that any girl can rock them not matter what time of day it is.

Maxi dresses have a way of bringing versatility to an outfit without having you spend more money on clothing that you don’t actually need (Ugh, who am I kidding? A Fashionista could always use more clothing). It’s easy to take this kind of dress and make it your cover-up for the beach during the day, and then make it a subtle, yet bold statement piece for dinner that same night with your best gal pals. The best part about a maxi dress is being able to layer it up, mix it up with different pieces and make it something completely different each time it is worn.

This Fashionista’s high-slit maxi is the perfect example of a day to night piece. During the day, it can be worn for a day out shopping or a relaxing day with the fam. But by adding a jacket, she is ready to step out in her colorful, strappy mid-heels and her handmade necklace for a night out on the town.

One Simple Change: Your friend just invited you to a last minute party at her pad. Take off the jacket, switch out the sandals for some all-black Nike Roches and be the coolest girl at the party.