WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Oh, summer—it’s chilly when the sun rises, hot and sunny during the day and then back to chilly after the sun sets. If you’re planning to be out during the whole day and night without going home to change, you definitely need to be prepared for the constant weather changes this summer will bring.

Take this Fashionista’s outfit, for example. Her denim jacket keeps her warm during the sunrise, and once it warms up during the day, she can just throw it off to reveal the back of her cutout dress. Her high-low dress is casual and a nice neutral color that will make for an easy transition from day to night. She shows off her open-toed booties and gold layered necklace to complete the outfit. If you know you’re planning to be out for a long period of time and need to look your best, make sure you wear the right clothing so that you’re not hot and uncomfortable. Who doesn’t love a reason to dress up for the whole day?

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your weather app to stay aware of what it will be like throughout the day. Being prepared is key! You wouldn’t want your arms to get chilly while wearing a sleeveless dress, so a thin jacket would work super well with your outfit.

One Simple Change: Switch out the denim jacket for a leather jacket; you can never go wrong with adding black. The leather jacket would be perfect for a concert or a night out on the town because it adds a harder look if you pair it with a lighter dress worn throughout the day.