WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Living in New York City calls for spontaneity. Plans randomly pop up, and they might not always give you time to go home and change. That’s when looks that can be tailored to different occasions come into play. This Fashionista teaches us how to seamlessly go from a day in the office to a night out with friends.

This outfit is simple, yet very chic. Even though people tend to go for brighter colors during the summer, black is essentially appropriate for all seasons. This is because an all-black look never fails to appear sleek and timeless. The trick? Layering. This Fashionista makes her outfit stand out by combining pieces of clothing with different textures. The loose shape of the shirt nicely complements the pleats of the skirt and this pairing gives flair to the overall look. The silver pendant nicely joins the mix, and adds an extra touch of elegance and femininity to the outfit. To keep it cool and daytime casual, this Fashionista finishes off the outfit with a jean jacket, a backpack and a cute pair of booties. With that, she is ready for a fashionable day at the office.

A leather backpack is a very stylish and convenient way to carry items around without being uncomfortable. If this Fashionista decides to go for drinks after work, she can easily take out some shoes or accessories from her bag. Her red lipstick is a total showstopper, and it’s the perfect pop of color to spice up the look and get the party started!

One Simple Change: For a fun night out with friends, you can easily dress up this outfit by either removing the jacket or replacing the booties with some minimalistic heels or platform sandals. The transition will seem effortless thanks to the versatile attire.