WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

College life can be hard. Some days, you’ll have to get up for class, go to meetings and grab dinner and drinks with friends without ever going back to your house. It can be extremely hard to figure out what to wear on days when you’ll be out from day to night. I spotted a Fashionista who clearly knows how to dress for this particular type of situation.

I initially noticed this Fashionista for her casual but chic look. She wore a simple black T-shirt dress. This style of dress is the perfect piece for day-to-night wear. The light material is great because you’ll stay comfortable all day while sitting in class. It’s almost like you’re wearing a giant T-shirt, but way more stylish. It looks professional enough for meetings with coworkers or student organizations. Once you’re out with friends for the evening, a dress like this is wonderful for whatever might happen. I particularly liked how she chose the color black because it’s classic and never goes out of style.

I loved how minimalist this Fashionista was. A simple black necklace added an extra spark to the look without taking it to the next level. Her black cracked leather booties were so beautiful. They went perfectly with the outfit and would be great for almost every occasion. I would wear these booties all the time. Her glasses were cute and fun. I’m a huge fan of incorporating glasses into your wardrobe. When they’re a necessity, why not get a unique pair that match your personal style? All of these accessories helped this Fashionista make the perfect outfit for anything that could happen from day to night.

It might not always be practical to run home and change outfits during the day. Don’t fret! You can easily create a look that will work for everything you do in a day. Take some style inspiration from this Fashionista and you’ll be set from day to night.

One Simple Change: You can easily make this look work for a more dressy weekend wear outfit. Swap out the booties for a pair of heels. Add a big statement necklace to make the outfit more dramatic and you’ll be set for a great weekend.