WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

May 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

In college, I’ve learned that happy mediums are hard to come by. There are times when you either have four exams in one week, or absolutely no homework. You could have a million options of places to go on the weekends or your only plan could be to take in a whole season of Parks and Recreations. I find that in many cases, my days are either spent entirely in bed or packed full of classes, meetings and events. In cases such as the latter, it can often be hard to plan an outfit that will be comfortable and appropriate throughout the entire day. This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect example of how to dress for one of your busiest days.

The key to this Fashionista’s look is her layers. She starts the outfit off with a simple white button-up. She adds a black sweater over her shirt and on top of that, she adds a black leather jacket. She can ditch the jacket and keep the sweater if she needs to go to a meeting, or forget the sweater and stick with the jacket if she’s heading to a party later. She can also keep both layers on, as shown above, because Ohio weather is completely unpredictable and can get pretty cold, even in April. She adds a pair of classic black jeans to her look and a pair of sneaker wedges, which can carry her through her day with comfort and style. Her blue and green statement necklace adds the perfect amount of color to her mostly black outfit. With an outfit like this, you just can’t go wrong.

One Simple Change: For a more relaxed look for studying in the library, try swapping out the black jeans for a pair of gray joggers for something sportier.