WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Let’s just pretend it’s Friday for a moment (if only it were actually). If you’re one of those poor, unfortunate souls who has a late afternoon Friday class or you’re just super busy during the day, you know the difficulty of making time to get ready for a night out with friends or your significant other. How can you possibly be ready to hit up that trendy sushi place when you’re still sporting a pair of yoga pants and a cute, though not trendy sushi place-appropriate, graphic T-shirt?

The solution to this dilemma is actually quite simple. If you know you’ll have limited time to get ready for that night out, prepare by wearing pieces that can, with a quick swap of accessories, be appropriate for an afternoon in the library and a fancy dinner with friends.

I spotted this Fashionista wearing an outfit that could easily transition from day to night. She wears a white linen dress with lace detailing under a whitewashed chambray button-down shirt. Though each piece is adorable, I absolutely fell in love with her high-top Converse All-Stars; they are white with gold designs covering them. A pair of fun tennis shoes and a cute sundress can be the perfect combination for both casual daytime activities and your perfect night out. All that is required for this smooth transition is a swap or addition of accessories.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit go from class to classy for a girl’s night out, try swapping the chambray shirt for a sleek colored leather jacket and adding a pair of drop earrings for some sparkle. With the time you save on getting dressed, you might even be able to try out that new smokey-eye look that you saw on Pinterest!