WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

One fact about me that probably many of you can relate to: I love comfort. I love cotton. I love comfortable cotton pieces that are as versatile as they are fashionable. So as you can imagine, I chose this Fashionista because I obviously fell in love with her skater dress (similar ones which I found here and, for those with a more daring style, this one here)

This Fashionista chose to utilize her dress for a more casual daytime look, perfect for a day of unplanned adventures out and about in New York City (which is where I found this Fashionista). A long sleeved dress provides enough warmth on its own, and the fur vest adds a playful luxurious touch that can be easily taken off if ever it gets too warm.

A cross-body bag provides room for the essentials, and when you’re spending hours walking about, would you really want to be weighed down with anything but just the basics? Keeping with the taupe color theme of the rest of her major accessories, the turquoise studs on her bag match with the small blue flowers stamped on her dress.

Avoiding an overload of jewelry, our Fashionista chose to keep the arm accessories to a minimum. She chose to focus on an assortment of mixed metal necklaces of different lengths to ensure that none of them are competed against each other and so that each pendant can be appreciated individually. Two pastel bracelets and a ring with a lavender hued stone ensure that the color scheme of her accessories don’t overtake the colors of her dress.

A well-selected transition piece, these cutout booties provide just the right amount of height without making hours of city-slicking an uncomfortable experience for this Fashionista while at the same time allowing her feet to breathe!

One Simple Change: Want to edge this outfit up for a night out? Well, in addition to giving yourself a mysterious smokey eye using dark jewel tones, simply switch out the fur vest with a leather vest (great alternatives to black would be dark blues, purples, and reds such as this maroon vest from Neiman Marcus). A leather bootie would not only ensure comfort for the night, but if you find that this is a leather overload, a simple pair of Vans would suffice just as well!