WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Let’s be honest: when dressing for class, most of us have split personalities depending on the day. Some days we would rather crawl into a hole of oblivion than go to class, let alone get dressed. On these days, we might rock sweatpants or edgy combinations like a leather motorcycle jacket and combat boots. Other days, when the sun is shining, or we are just in a good mood, we might feel like dressing up. When dressing for class, the key is to achieve a happy medium between these two mindsets. I found a Fashionista who sported the perfect look that was simultaneously casual and polished. Because of its eclectic combination, her outfit would easily work for class as well as a night out.

She started with some classic-cool basics, like a black crewneck sweater and a pair of skinny cargos. These versatile pieces can be rocked many ways, but just appeared smart when paired together.

The Fashionista then amped up her look with an offbeat mix of accessories. Her camouflage print sneakers helped bring together the black sweater and the olive pants, not to mention they added a casual vibe to the look.

She then topped it off with a silver geometric statement necklace. This necklace really popped against her simple color palette, while simultaneously adding a glamorous vibe that could transition the outfit to nighttime. The Fashionista also sported a variety of bohemian bracelets, some woven and others hand beaded. These pieces added a special, personalized feel to her look.

To top everything off, she added a pouty pink lip and left her hair in its natural wavy state. The styling really added to the Fashionista’s nonchalant yet polished vibe.

This look clearly has a variety of elements that will transition it from a day of school meetings to a late night dinner in the city. Emulate this Fashionista’s outfit with a crewneck sweater, skinny cargo pants and a pair of printed sneakers.

One Simple Change: Nix the bracelets and swap out the sneakers for a pair of oxford-style heels. You will be perfectly equipped for a job interview.