WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Despite the snow, spring is coming! This means that it is time to put away your winter jackets and to start wearing lighter clothes. This Fashionista is rocking this off the shoulder, white, flowy shirt. This is a perfect outfit for the start of the warmer weather. With busy students all around Sacred Heart, day to night outfits are the go-to look for students. Between class, internships and jobs, these busy students barely have enough time to sleep. This Fashionista beat the lack of sleep that comes with college and looks trendy and fashion forward.

No white after Labor Day is just not a rule anymore. You can wear white all year round and not be judged for it. This Fashionista is rocking the white look. This color could be worn in the day time to class and at night when going out. Flowy shirts are good for any body types. Flowy is comfortable and super trendy. This Fashionista pairs this shirt with a pair of blue jeans and brown leather boots. The boots make this look more casual and make the outfit comfortable. Jeans are great for going to class but also for night life on campus. This Fashionista is ready for whatever the day and night bring her.

One Simple Change: One change you can make to this outfit to make it nighttime-friendly is to pair it with heels. This would be perfect for a night out with the girls. Any Fashionista can rock heels and jeans for a night on the town.