WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

One of the most important skills to have when it comes to efficiency in regards to what you wear as a college student is the ability to craft an outfit that will look appropriate in every situation you encounter in a day. It sounds easy, but when comfort comes in to play and you realize your stilettos won’t feel as awesome as they look when you have them on for 12 hours, or that your mini skirt is no longer cute when you have to work on a student film set, you realize how large of a feat such a skill may be.

This Fashionista demonstrates the perfect cool weather look that takes her from morning class to a casual dinner as the day turns into the night, and then to get drinks and go dancing at Output as the night wears on! She is a modern day Jenny from the block, wearing an outfit that is comfy enough to lounge or dance in yet cool enough to wear to a party. The main piece of her outfit is her leggings that are simple, black and form-fitting, which also maximize comfort and complement her favorite assets!

She plays up the casual sexiness of the classic legging with a cozy, cropped henley that is short sleeve, with a simple black and off-white stripe pattern for spring. Her power move is the addition of the ultra high, platform Mary Jane wedges that, when paired with oversized hoop earrings and her loose, curly hair, add an ultimate element of funk that prepares her for any dance floor. She finishes the look with a vintage, oversized bomber jacket with understated red sleeves and a soft outer texture.

One Simple Change: Do you have time to go home after a long day of school and work before a girl’s night out? Swap out the cotton leggings and replace them with leather leggings for a sleeker, chicer look.