WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

All of us can get a bit lazy with outfits from time to time. However, with the resurgence of warm weather, I’ve seen quite a few people pulling out all of the stops. It’s been an interesting change to see Pitt’s campus filled with dresses and short sleeves as opposed to heavy winter coats, and has restored my faith in Pittsburgh as a slightly fashionable place (I said slightly, I’m not calling us the fashion capitol of the world). When I saw this Fashionista, I was both surprised and inspired—this is exactly the type of outfit I would wear and the perfect way to show a little skin.

I am a huge fan of crop tops—now, that’s not to say that I think everyone can pull them off. That’s not the case. But, I do love when someone can and it’s one of my favorite trends. This Fashionista had an amazing execution of the crop top, pairing it with other neutral colors and a pair of black high-waisted jeans, leaving just a little bit of skin exposed. The booties are both cute and comfortable for a day to of classes, but the whole outfit can transition pretty well to going out at night. It is an appropriate outfit for daytime, but also has a little bit of flirtiness about it, which is ideal for going out (it’s all about the flirt).

Wearing a cardigan on top is the perfect finishing touch for day or night (and one of my signature moves), but it can be easily swapped for, say, a leather jacket, to be a little more dressed up. I recognized the top and cardigan as items from Brandy Melville, one of my absolute favorite stores for basics like these—if only there were a location near us. Insert sad face. Luckily, they have an online shop and their prices are pretty reasonable. To emulate an outfit like this, check out their stuff, and invest in a pair of high-waisted black skinny jeans—the best investment you can make (in my opinion, of course).

One Simple Change: Swap out the cardigan for a leather jacket to look so edgy (and fashionable) for a concert.