WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

It is a running joke in my family that I am constantly changing my outfit throughout the day. I go from my pajamas to something comfortable to spend my mornings in. Then I go to a casual but cute outfit for class, and after class, I wear something more comfortable to study in. And finally, I wear something with a little bit of flash if I have an evening event. While I don’t feel any shame about wearing possibly five outfits in one day, narrowing my outfits down to two or—dare I even say it—one per day would save me a lot of time.

This Fashionisto gave me inspiration for a great day to night outfit. He chose classic pieces that are comfortable enough to last all day but nice enough to work for any kind of event. He wore a pair of tan khakis and a warm gray sweater for a day that went from class to working at a dental office and then ended with a study date with his girlfriend. Khaki pants are great because the material is even softer than denim, and his sweater is the perfect layering piece for a time when the weather changes on the hour.

When I complimented him on his outfit, he pointed out that the one aspect he thought was unstylish were his shoes, but he wore them anyways because they were necessary for such a long day. I, however, disagree. After all of the sneakers we saw on the runways last spring, I’m convinced they’re the perfect option to pair with a classy outfit to dress it down a little and stay comfortable. He finished his look off with every college student’s favorite accessory—a backpack.

If changing multiple times a day is taking up all your time, channel this Fashionisto’s look and wear something classy but comfy, a winning combination that will last you all day and into the night.

One Simple Change: Is date night taking place in a fancy establishment? Switch the sneakers out for a pair of leather oxfords, which should be small enough to fit right in your backpack.