WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

If I should be up front about anything, it’s that I have an obsession with punky boy bands. I absolutely love everything about them from their music to their style. This Fashionisto caught my eye because he looks like he just stepped off stage after finishing a set and I am a huge fan.

Not only does he look like he could easily be the lead singer of my next favorite band, but his attire could easily pass for a night out on the town or everyday attire. Every element of this outfit is a double-edged sword.

Let’s start with those shoes. Definitely not your typical tennis shoes that serve just to get you to and from class. From a distance they even look like dress shoes. A closer look shows that they not only offer support but their sole is no different than a normal gym shoe. Versatile day to night shoes are a must for every guy’s wardrobe. Nike makes several pairs that can make dressing up easy for an on the go kind of guy.

The jogger craze is in full effect and I’m definitely not complaining. There’s no better way to look like you’ve put in effort while be comfortable enough to spend the day in the library or at class. Who wouldn’t go for that? While this Fashionisto chose a tight-fitting denim pair, most stores make cotton joggers for a more laid back look.

His dark pants and shoes are paired with a loose, muted blue top and neutral-toned jacket. I love that he stuck to earthy tones while adding a subtle touch of color for something extra.

I couldn’t possibly write about this look without giving credit to his hair and Andy Warhol-esque sunglasses. For guys, it’s hard not to fall into the trap of a sports T-shirt, gym shorts and tennis shoes. With just his choice of hair and glasses, this Fashionisto has deviated from the norm, flawlessly creating a unique style that was a breath of fresh air on campus.

One Simple Change: Make the transition to internship attire by swapping out the bomber jacket for a slim fitting sport coat for a laid back, professional look!