WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

The best kind of ensemble is one that can be worn to different events and still look amazing. Using different pieces in one’s closet to go from a daytime schedule to nighttime festivities is an excellent way to show off the versatility of one’s wardrobe, while also keeping life easy with minimal changes to an outfit.

This Fashionista exemplifies the perfect day to night outfit. Her daytime outfit looks simple, but has just enough flair to show off her personal style. She wears leggings to remain comfortable throughout the transition from day to night. The black leggings are also a good choice because they will go with anything she decides to throw on before going out at night. Also, the jacket she chooses is a new twist on the ordinary denim jacket. This Fashionista’s denim jacket is more like a wrap jacket, which gives her outfit volume, and (surprise!) the jacket also has a hood that just increases how cool and chic it is. As far as the top and bottom of her look go, she adds a camouflage hat to give the outfit a little pattern and interest. Then, she adds nude sandals that will give her height, but still will go with both her daytime and nighttime outfit.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of using pieces that will easily go from day to night.  She picks classic pieces to wear on her body, then takes advantage of accessories that she will change up once the sun goes down. Follow the style of this Fashionista and it is easy to pull off a day-to-night look.

One Simple Change: Going out with the girls tonight? No problem. Take this outfit and change up the accessories. Opt for a sparkly headband instead of the camo hat and throw on a sequined vest instead of the denim jacket. Apply some red lipstick and you’re ready to hit the town!