WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Some days you don’t have time to go home and do an outfit change, or you just don’t want to put in the extra effort of picking a new ensemble out. Have to work all day then go out for dinner right after? It’s possible to look appropriate for class or work and the night out that follows. Grayscale outfits are perfect for this day to night transition. They make you appear serious and no-nonsense to your peers and colleagues, and elegant at nighttime. This Fashionista keeps her outfit sophisticated and classy while also having a dark, mysterious tone.

Dresses are a great garment for these sorts of occasions. Length and pattern are what determine the wearability and appropriateness. If this Fashionista was wearing this same style and cut of this dress in a cheetah print, it would not be acceptable for the daytime events. Polka-dots, however, are a timeless pattern and could be worn basically anywhere. Although the skirt may not be the ideal length for work, its flared cut compensates for that. Her gray knee-high socks do a splendid job of covering up her legs in this chilly weather and making the polka-dot dress appear more proper. For her shoes, she wore a pair of nude and black tasseled heels. These heels were a great addition because they are low and vintage-styled making them work appropriate and perfect for outings at night.

This Fashionista’s accessories are all silver, which in my opinion, is the subtler tone of metal. She has on a linked chain ring trio and a quartz crystal necklace; both give her that dark, stylish appearance. These accessories are relatively simple but have a slight edge, making them ideal for work then nightlife.

One Simple Change: This ensemble could be slightly altered to make it appropriate for a music festival or concert. By just changing the heels to a pair of combat boots, she would be all set for rambunctious crowds.