WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

The idea of getting ready for a night out with a special someone always makes me think of the montages that are prevalent in romantic comedies, complete with cheesy pop tunes. The main character usually worries about finding the perfect outfit, matching it with the best pair of earrings and choosing the perfect nail color to finish off the look. In reality, dressing for a date night should not induce stress as it should be a process that is all about having fun with fashion. After all, no one should spend dates fussing about with clothing.

This Fashionista gets it right with her ultra comfortable outfit. The best part is that although it features soft and cozy pieces, the look does not lack in style. A creamy sweater dress acts as the perfect comfortable base upon which to build the rest of the outfit. This Fashionista manages that well by adding a pair of patterned tights; the lacy detail on the tights gives her look the oomph it needs to make it extra special.

With some classic low boots and a fluffy parka, this Fashionista holds onto comfort and warmth while staying polished. She sports a very on-trend backpack as her bag of choice, once again keeping with the theme of staying fuss-free.

Going on a date should not equate to dressing unnaturally to impress the other. Sartorially speaking, one should dress in a way that allows the personality to shine through. This way, comfort and self-security is ensured while staying in touch with personal style. Genuine actions and presentations are more appealing than forced trendiness or glamour, anyway!

One Simple Change: For a more concert-ready look, lose the bulky parka and opt for an edgy leather vest instead. It will make for interesting proportions, paired with the sweater dress, and will allow for freer movement.