WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

March 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

First, second, third datethe nerves remain. Getting ready with the tingly feeling in your stomach can make focusing on what you’re going to wear difficult. Fret notthis Fashionisto showed up just in time, in a pair of something he calls his “date pants.”

Date pants, by this Fashionisto’s definition, are well-fitted, luxe and soft to the touch pants that will guarantee the prospects of a second date. Or, if they’re interested, there is also the possibility of continuing the date late into the night, embarking on spontaneous adventures. These pants will make you look and feel good, which, in turn, will spike your confidence and willingness to try to new things. So, test out your closet. Find your date pants. With them, the rest of the outfit will fall right into place.

Fashionistosyou’ve got the burden of choosing the date’s location. However, you’ve got homefield advantage, especially if you’ve been to that specific place before. You know the aesthetics and ambiance, and with that, you can slip on a sweater and/or button-up accordingly. In this Fashionisto’s case, borrow his brilliant idea and layer them both. He boldly paired a navy and white plaid button-up with a maroon V-neck sweater. Risking looking too much like a patrioteer on a day other than the Fourth, this Fashionisto pulled just the right shades of red and blue into his outfit, without making it distracting. The navy in his shirt effortlessly blends with the hatched navy corduroy of his date pants. Since the weather tends to drop significantly at night, opt for a pair of structured, dark leather boots. This is a trend that won’t quit anytime soon, so be sure to add these to your closets, Fashionistos. Clasp your favorite watch around your wrist and you’ll be looking just as good as you feel. Bye bye, butterflies! Hello, date pants.

One Simple Change: Worried about overdressing for the night class before your date? Ditch the sweater in your backpack during class, then slip it on before heading out for your big night.