WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Valentine’s Day. The holiday that is full of roses, chocolate and a lot of love. Whether you have a romantic date ahead of you or are just hanging with your best gal pals, this Fashionista can show you how to get the perfect look to make it an unforgettable night!

In this case, this Fashionista is going on an exciting date. She has the guy and the reservations are set, now all she needs is an amazing outfit. The challenge though in finding a great date night outfit is looking incredible without looking like you’ve tried too hard. This can count toward any type of date though. For instance, maybe with a new crush, steady boyfriend or even a blind date. No matter what the occasion, making sure you look your best is always the main goal in the end.

This Fashionista has mastered this challenge of finding the perfect date night outfit. She keeps it flirty and fun in her little black dress and white fur coat. All black with a little bit of color is always the best go-to look in my opinion. She totally kills it with all of her accessories as well. Her collection of necklaces lay flawlessly around her, and how unbelievable are her rings? An ensemble that makes a jewelry statement this amazing is a triumphant achievement in and of itself. I applaud this Fashionista for perfecting this outfit. She is sure to win over her date’s heart by the end of the night.

One Simple Change: You can trade the leggings for a fun printed pair of pantyhose and add some stellar high heels. This dresses the look up a bit in case you were going on a fancier date.