WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Hello all you, Fashionistos this one is for you!

It’s your first date with someone and first impressions are everything but what do you wear? I know from going out around campus a lot of guys go for the typical button-down with jeans or khakis. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this classic look but on a first date you want to stand out in a crowd. This look incorporates your go-to outfit with an upgrade.

By adding this wool-blend jacket over top of your button-down you instantly bring the outfit to the next level without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. This jacket is inspired by the classic blazer-look which adds a dressy-feel to a more casual look. That means you can wear this outfit anywhere and be appropriately dressed!

This Fashionisto wore a slim-fit, tartan plaid button-down shirt underneath. I am super excited that stores are starting to offer slim-fit cut clothing for men! The slim-fit cut gives you guys the feel of a tailored outfit without breaking the bank for custom clothing. Keeping along with the tailored look he wore a slim-fit, dark wash, denim jean. A dark wash jean is perfect for a first date because you can never go wrong with classic denim.

One Simple Change: For a more casual night in instead of going out this Fashionisto could wear a crewneck sweater over the button-down. That way when he takes the jacket off inside he will still have a more stylized look. I really like the look of a sweater over a button-down that the Fashionisto’s have been wearing. It gives the typical button-down an added preppy factor.