WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

You have finally made it back on campus after a few weeks home filled with family, holiday gatherings and sheer boredom. While, sure, a new semester means new classes and the dreaded homework that comes with taking 18 credit hours, it also means reuniting with your classmates, friends and your significant other. After a long break apart, it is important to kick off the new semester with a special date night.

After you nailed down the perfect plans, it is time to find the perfect outfit to complete the perfect night. This Fashionisto’s look is, in one word, well, perfect, for date night. It is the right balance of casual and polished as well as fashion-forward yet classic.

What caught my eye the most was his sweater. The oatmeal sweater is a great alternative to a button-down. Furthermore, marled knits are hugely popular right now. So by sporting this of-the-moment trend, you are sure to impress your fashion-loving lady.

The contrasting oversized pocket is a subtle detail that packs a lot of punch. Not only does it add interest to the sweater, but it really unifies the rest of the components of the outfit. For example, the gray complements the dusty blue of this Fashionisto’s boat shoes. It also pairs well with his black skinny jeans. Who knew how important a small detail can be? I’ll tell you who knew—you’re girlfriend. That’s who.

So start of the semester on the right foot by impressing your lady friend not only with a spectacular date, but also by dressing the part of super fashionable boyfriend.

One Simple Change: An 8 a.m. lecture cramping your style after a Thursday night date? Simply throw on a pair of distressed denim with your sweater and you are good to go.