WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

A perfect date night outfit has its own formula. It goes something along the lines of coming up with a look that seems effortless yet leaves an impression. Most importantly, the final product of the formula has to equate to a combination of clothes that makes you feel as confident as ever. The outfit this Fashionista is wearing hits all the key points involved with creating an ideal date night look. It is simple, chic and functional.

Wearing cooler weather-appropriate clothes, this Fashionista paired rich burgundy, loose-fitted pants with a black, long-sleeve turtleneck. Letting these darker-hued pieces stand out, she layered with a light wash jean jacket. The jean jacket, pants and top all balance out to create an outfit that successfully stands between the lines of casual-wear and formal-wear. Pairing darker tones with a lighter accent piece keeps the outfit from becoming too serious.

Adding a pair of heels is an easy way to make loose-fitted pants look even more flattering. Not to mention, heels, especially if they are comfortable, can be instant confidence boosters. Heeled wedges like the ones this Fashionista styled are way more comfortable than other heels. By having a thicker platform that runs along the whole bottom of the shoe, wedges allow you to maintain control over your balance. With wedges, you can have the benefits of elongating your body without the fear of painful feet ruining a fun night.

A date night outfit always has to comfortable. You definitely want to wear something stylish, but like I mentioned many times in my previous articles, confidence is the most important accessory. The only way to wear your confidence is to feel comfortable.

When you’re picking out your next date night look make sure to keep it simple, chic and functional.