WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

June 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

Wing a few quizzes and presentations, but never wing a date. Even the calm, cool and collected fellas that can swoop you off your feet with a pickup line get cold feet before date night. Last minute panic always kicks in and the inopportune nerves begin. After picking the time and place, the trickiest part is finding a killer outfit. There is no blueprint of what a guy should wear to a date, but one thing is for sure—you have to look sharp. Whether you are grabbing a quick bite to eat at the local café, taste testing beers at a pub or cheering at a baseball game, the key is to look fashion-forward, yet comfortable. Remember to pay attention to your footwear and play it safe by choosing an eye-pleasing color palette (all black is never, ever a bad idea). As for this Fashionisto, he can catch anyone’s attention with his sophisticated yet laid back look.

A guy who knows how to dress well can definitely score some extra bonus points on any date. This Fashionisto chose to stick with a classy, nautical palette—great for any dinner date or stroll through downtown. To start off, he wore dark blue pants and rolled up the bottom for a classic touch. By picking a solid base color, the rest of the outfit holds some flexibility. This Fashionisto pairs the pants with a very crisp, relaxed silhouette button-down shirt. What makes this a perfect date night shirt is the half-striped pattern that complements the nautical summer feel. Rolling up the sleeves of this linen shirt allows the Fashionisto to show off his soft band MVMT watch—proven to be an eye-catcher on any date. Taking a final look, he wore classic leather shoes to finish up the outfit. This Fashionisto seems like quiet a catch for any picture-perfect summer date night.

One Simple Change: Temperature hitting the 90s this summer? Pair this linen shirt with shorts and boat shoes or suede bucks to survive the sweltering heat. And one more thing—if you still don’t have a signature summer cologne, go get one. You’ll thank me later.