WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

March 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

What is a little back dress? Is it that bodycon dress from the ninth grade that you wore to homecoming? Is it that silk halter you wore to your aunt’s wedding reception? Or maybe it’s that maxi skirt that you secretly turned into a halter dress? My point is that the little black dress is timeless. There is no exact pattern, style or requirements for the little black dress. It just needs to be black. Easy enough, right?

This Fashionista’s little black dress is plain, simple and says, “buy me some ice cream, and I’ll hold your hand”. With just the right amount of flirt, this basic spaghetti strap dress screams sassy-chic. She accessorizes this look with a single Cartier bangle and pair of braided sandals then tops of this spring look with pentagonal Stella McCartney shades. Safe to say, she’s back to being hot with orange sunsets everyday this week. Let’s put those sunglasses to good use! When wearing a little black dress, experiment with accessories and body jewelry. With such subtle style and color, try a silver armband or layered necklaces to complement the shape of the delicateness of the dress.

One Simple Change: One of my favorite things about this black dress, in particular, is its style versatility. While it appears to be a summer dress, throw on a denim jacket and pair of tall boots, and you’ve got yourself the perfect back to school outfit. Or you can try adding a thin belt and pulling some of the bodice out to hide the belt. Then pair this look with wedges and a high ponytail, and you have the perfect dinner outfit ready to go.