WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

With the summer season coming to an end, bright colors and floral patterns are out the door. However, this does not mean that fall outfits have to be boring with subdued hues. Neutral colors can still make a statement with the right pieces and accessories. Dress up an outfit with dainty, simple jewelry to decorate any outfit. This Fashionista mixes the perfect accessories to dress up the basic colors in this ensemble. Along with the jewelry, this outfit itself is the perfect combination of cute and comfortable. Though this outfit is so simple, it looks put together for an acceptable date night outfit.

This combo screams date night with the on-trend gray, high-waisted asymmetrical skirt. The basic bottom provides the Fashionista the freedom to choose any kind of top with this skirt.  And yes, one can even sneak in some summer with a floral patterned blouse. Straying away from patterns, this Fashionista chose to go simple by pairing a black, sleeveless, high-collar crop top. It may be a tad bit early to rock booties with this outfit, so this fashionista picked up some black sandals to go with the ensemble. The accessories are what makes this specific outfit stand out. She chose this classy Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag for an edgy touch. For a cheaper alternative,  try any similar, black cross-body bag for the same effect. As for jewelry, the stand out is this evil-eye necklace which lays perfectly on the collar. She continued the all silver jewelry trend with a cute ring, bracelet and watch.

One Simple Change: Want to wear this look to class? For a more casual look, add a denim jacket. The denim jacket makes the outfit more wearable for a back to school look.