WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Back-to-school can mean a lot of things: new school supplies, new classes, returning to campus and all of your friends, football games and the beginning of autumn. However, it can also be seen as the fresh start of a new year—new goals can be set, different hobbies can be started and more people can be met. Perhaps, this year you will meet someone special or finally ask out that crush you have liked since freshman year; another school year, another year of dating. Whether you are already in a relationship or still searching for the right person, it is important to know how to dress to impress when a special date comes along.

I spotted this Fashionisto taking a stroll through Vilas Park, waiting for his date to arrive and wearing the perfect outfit for this casual, yet romantic setting. He wears a simple white polo paired with tan pants. His brown leather belt and watch add a necessary touch of formality. On his feet, he wears tan suede shoes.

An outfit such as this gives off an even balance of class and simplicity. It shows that one is trying, but not trying too hard; your date is sure to appreciate the effort. Pair this outfit with a simple bouquet of wildflowers and you are sure to earn some extra brownie points.

One Simple Change: Looking to transition this outfit into the cooler months of autumn? Simply add a cardigan over the polo; you can keep the casual/formal quality, while adding a layer for comfort and warmth.