WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

August 21st, 2015 at 2:10am

Welcome to an anxiety filled night, date night. Of course, the date part isn’t anxiety filled, but finding an outfit to wear is! For every relationship, taking a day off amongst yourselves is the best. You both get to relax, get dinner and enjoy each other’s company. Having yourself fashion wise put together on a special night like this says something about you. You need to slay for your significant other! When you go on a date and their jaw drops, you know you’ve done something right. In my book, this Fashionista who was ready for a special night out did something fabulously right!

This Fashionista’s outfit reads pretty but light. Keeping in mind that it’s still summer, she went with an airy comfort worthy outfit. Starting at the bottom of her outfit, this Fashionista wore wedged heel shoes with a pop of blue rhinestones and studs. Going even further, she paired these date ready shoes with a black lace skater skirt which gives a flirty touch. Next, she wore a blue lace scoop neck top which also added to the lace ensemble. The scoop neck on the shirt made easy access to topping off this outfit with a beautiful necklace. The short shiny statement necklace she wore did this outfit justice.

Lace is seen as a very elegant and romantic fabric that was perfect for date night. Wherever you go, this shirt and skirt outfit will look great indoors or outdoors.

One Simple Change: Heading out for a GNO instead? Cross out the black lace skater skirt and pair this blue lace scoop neck top with some ripped boyfriend jeans and high-heels. Nothing says GNO without cute jeans and high-heels!