WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

One of my favorite parts of summer vacation is warm, romantic nights. The wind rustles through the trees, pushing a gentle breeze through the air. Flowers are in full bloom, and you can smell their enticing scents almost anywhere you go. There is an electricity in the air, a feeling that anything is possible.

For an extra enchanting night out with your bae, choose something bold and eye-catching. All eyes are on this Fashionista in her patterned dress. The intricate pattern draws the eyes up and the black commands attention. The dress is bold, but also has a soft and feminine side to it and extra class.

A pair of light brown wedges (ugh, when will I ever stop talking about wedges?) completes the look. The wedges also command attention and fit nicely with the pattern of the dress. There are a lot of different colors in this look, but that is what makes it unique and flirty. These colors pair nicely together as well.

A nice pair of earrings also works for this look. Whether they are short studs or hoops, this look is a classic and earrings perk it up. This Fashionista loves how her dress flows and how flirty and confident she feels while wearing it. Spritz on your favorite summer perfume and you will be good to go!

One Simple Change: Wedges too high or not your thing? A cute pair of light brown or black flats, or sandals also work; they will add a teensy bit more comfort without sacrificing style.