WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Hey, congrats! You’re going on a date! Or you’re just reading this because you stumbled upon it or you’re my mother (Hi, Mom!). Anyways assuming you have a date, this week I found a look that guarantees a second date. If it doesn’t, it’s definitely only because your date realized that you’re out of his league. Promise.

But first, let me add a little disclaimer: I’ve been on very few dates in my life so I’m probably not super qualified to write for this category. However, I’ve seen enough romantic comedies to pass as an expert, so let’s do this! (That’s how it works, right?)

This Fashionista has mastered the dressy night out look. It’s the perfect outfit for going out with a guy, your lady friends or, if you’re lonely strong and independent like me, by yourself. Who needs to dress for someone else when you can dress for yourself, right?

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Am I? Does it matter? Whatever.

This Fashionista pieced together what (I’m imagining) is the perfect date night outfit. From the color palette to the makeup and hair, she looks polished while still looking like herself. This is important for dates. You want to look nice, but not to the point where you’re unrecognizable! Her outfit is just the right amount of risqué. No need to be a dead give away, ladies!

She seems to have cracked the code on the “chic, but calm and cool girl” vibe without crossing over into “I spent ten hours getting ready” territory. She did this by picking really great pieces individually, and putting them together in an unassuming color palette. Her skirt is probably my favorite part of her look. The sheer designs are a really great way to show some skin while remaining classy. It’s tight enough to show your curves and long enough to avoid any Britney Spears moments (God bless that woman).

What you may think is a tank top is actually a bodysuit. In the last year or so, bodysuits have sprung up in stores everywhere and I think everyone should get one! They aren’t just for gymnasts or Beyoncé! Bodysuits are amazing for outfits like this because the material will remain perfectly tucked and won’t bunch up. Dates bring enough reasons for nervous fidgeting but your outfit shouldn’t be one of them. Something like this won’t shift! Good luck going to the bathroom, though.

This Fashionista threw on a tan sleeveless jacket that brings even more class to this outfit. After all, we are young women now and we aren’t messing around. The structure of this jacket says you mean business, but the lack of sleeves and unfinished edges say you’re here to party! Her strappy heels, perfectly undone hair and natural makeup add a bit of playfulness to the look and tie everything together!

One Simple Change: If date night isn’t on your horizon, don’t worry! By switching the skirt for a pair of high-waisted jeans and the heels for sneakers, this look can go from date night to back-to-school or casual weekend wear!