WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

It’s the weekend, and you have a date with your beloved girlfriend. It’s one of those rare times when she planned the whole night without you knowing about it! She says that the date is going to be casual, but the rest is a secret. With little to no information about what you guys will be doing and where you guys will be going, you have a put together a versatile outfit that’ll both fit whatever occasion and impress your girlfriend at the same time. So, what do you wear?

When in doubt, black it out. Monochrome is always the answer. A black scale outfit will not only create a versatile, clean and crisp look, but it will also keep your girlfriend from shrieking, “Your outfit is clashing with my outfit!” This Fashionisto chose to pair a black graphic T-shirt and gray joggers to give off simple, casual and fresh vibes. To top off his street style look, this Fashionisto slipped into his favorite pair of black Jordans. Although his look is casually and effortlessly styled, it is perfect for most, if not all, date night occasions—for example, dinner, movies or the bar.

One Simple Change: If tonight was a casual date, next weekend might be a formal one. What to wear to meet the parents? You can easily dress up this outfit by simply putting on a white button-up shirt. The white button-up will make this otherwise casual outfit look more put together and formal!