WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

You’ve got a date today and you want to impress your potential suitor with the most fabulous version of you. However, this is a first date and you want to ensure that you’re putting just enough of yourself out there to leave a little mystery behind. That’s exactly the goal this Fashionista had in mind when combining her ensemble. A touch of lace and innocence, along with a dash of romance and stripes has got this young lady casting a spell of intrigue and wonder.

Perhaps the most stunning feature of her attire is the lace top which she comfortably tucks into a striped pleated skirt. Her lace shirt is riddled with dainty floral designs that creates a certain softness to the bold stripes of its counterpart. Her striped pleated skirt is also slightly flared—a strategic move for those who want their legs to appear thinner or longer. The combination of lace and stripes gives quite a feminine touch that describes two sides to a woman: elegant yet daring.

Since it’s a first date, this Fashionista wanted to keep things simple by sporting a white kate spade cross-body bag as her only accessory. Comfort was also a priority when she chose to wear wedge sandals with a slight heel to support her arch (can we all just agree that her shoes are freaking cute?). The color combination of her footwear certainly draws the eye and adds some color to her outfit.

To complete the look, this Fashionista kept her makeup light and natural as a tribute to the summer heat and to showcase her true beauty. As with any fashion-forward lady, she carries herself with confidence and wears a smile on her face—a woman’s greatest weapon. Her outfit tells us that she is classy and lady-like. Beware, boys! This lovely lady in lace is ready to impress and be impressed.

One Simple Change: For those who want a more casual look for back to school, replacing the lace top with a more plain shirt will do. Remember to take your head shape and shoulder width into account when choosing the neck line cuts for the shirt.