WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

In the south side of Pittsburgh there is a stretch of concrete jungle where people can find anything from tattoo parlors, delicious food places and high end stores to thrift shop locations. It is a place where many Fashionistas and Fashionistos are single, ready to mingle and possibly eat a pringle—those are wise words from a wise friend).

Do you ever find yourself freaking out about what you are going to wear on date night? Well when those dates happen for me once in a blue moon—I would like to be found wearing an outfit quite like this girl’s. This chic Fashionista manages a balance between sophistication and edgy style. A look that says I feel confident in my clothes, but I let my hair down because I do not take myself too seriously.

She rocks a white crop top from Jennifer Lopez’s line at Kohl’s paired with a high-waisted perforated midi skirt from H&M. It gives off a sexy appearance without being too revealing or look like you are trying to hard. Since there is extra length on the skirt, having the extra height from the wedge makes her legs look longer. This is the perfect balance. Although, the look would not be complete without the black wedges or chunky necklace. This outfit would not look as put together with sandals or a long chain necklace, but most likely your date would not notice anyway. So please do not stress about the small stuff.

One Simple Change: Depending on what location your date night is taking place at, the chambray shirt can be exchanged with a leather jacket that has a pop of color. Another option would be to change the wedges to pumps. For me, I would stick to wedges cause I have the tendency of falling. Wherever you are going or whomever you are going with, I am positive that your date will think you are beautiful and you will feel amazing in this look.