WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

If you’ve ever seen the cinematic masterpiece that is Clueless, you’ll remember Cher Horowitz and how wise she was when it came to both fashion and boys. Showing some skin, drawing attention to the lips, body language and always having something in the oven when a boy comes over were some of the topics that she specifically addressed. However, although she does wear a stunning white bodycon dress on her first date with Christian (spoiler alert, my apologies), she doesn’t actually touch on the topic of what to wear on a date. So I will try to channel my inner Cher, and even though I most certainly am not Cher, I can promise that you’ll never find yourself asking, “He does dress better than I do, so what would I bring to the relationship?”

This lovely Fashionista encompasses a look that can be summarized in two words: comfortable-chic. Since it’s summertime, wearing a light, breezy skirt is the best way to go. Not only does it look effortless, but it really is effortless. The pattern on this Fashionista’s skirt is bold and girly, and the dark gray color is simply beautiful. The cinched waist, accented with a more inconspicuous pattern, allows her to still show off her curves while wearing a full skirt. Pairing it with a lighter gray, plain T-shirt was a wonderful choice, since wearing another color probably wouldn’t have looked as cohesive.

This Fashionista’s accessories? They are to die for. When I saw her chunky necklace, I immediately wanted to run my hands through it and hold it. As much as I’ve seen these statement necklaces, I can’t say I’ve seen a ton paired as well as this one. The color scheme was marvelous because even though the beads look clear, they’re not. If you’re lucky enough to catch some sun, the beads turn different colors. It’s basically like you’re wearing a crystal chandelier for an accessory, which is so awesome.

Lastly, I know heels aren’t for everyone, but if you feel comfortable enough wearing them, why not? They elongate your body, help with posture and, in general, they’re a pretty big ego boost. These booties are the icing on top of a fabulous ensemble.

One Simple Change: Thinking about grabbing brunch? Switch out the bold necklace, plain T-shirt and heels for a cute crop top and sandals!