WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

There’s something about the idea of a summer fling that makes it a much more interesting romance story than normal dating. I can’t tell if it’s the summer heat, too many Nicholas Sparks novels or an unusual mix of both, but call me a sucker for these stereotypical plotlines. From beach trips to star gazing, the date possibilities are endless! But in order to make it to the sappy stuff, you have to get the girl first. Which, like most opportunities in life, is all about first impressions. I know it might sound shallow, but tying together the perfect outfit can add major bonus points to your all-around dateable factor. It not only shows that you take care of yourself, but it is also a nice confidence boost! My philosophy has always been that if you look good, you feel good. And in terms of dating, this philosophy always proves to be successful.

Boys, it’s time to start dressing like men! Whether you’re taking out somebody from school for the first time or an old fling from your hometown, remember that dressing classy is always manly. This means ditching the gym shoes and basketball shorts and trading them in for something like this Fashionisto is wearing. The layering of a solid cardigan over a plaid shirt is a timeless style, along with the khaki pants. For a more casual date, follow this Fashionisto in his decision to show off his playful side with bright sneakers. Also, don’t forget the belt! It is simple accessories like this that turn a day to day outfit into a classy, date-ready one.

Moral of the story: don’t leave the getting ready routine to just the women. Have some fun with your look and go out in style! When you put effort into your appearance, it not only affects how others see you, but how you see yourself, which is the most important and positive result of all.

One Simple Change: In need of a more formal look? Swap the sneakers for a pair of dress shoes and the khakis for a pair of dress pants and you have date attire turned interview attire in just a few minutes!