WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

It’s finally summer! It’s the best time to bring out your best looks from sunglasses to skirts to shorts to tank tops to crop tops. This is even the best time for date nights. You can go out and explore the dating scene on a warm summer night. I believe summer is the perfect time to meet new people or to be out with your significant other. The summer is best for all kinds of great things to come. Here’s a Fashionista prepared to take on date night with her beau.

Let’s start with this amazing skirt. The details are gorgeous and perfect for the warm weather approaching. I love everything about this skirt and how it flows; it even has a little high-low action on the bottom. This Fashionista kept the look simple by adding a black top, giving a very classy feel to the skirt. The teal wedge sandal gives her height to be able to be closer to her beau, while giving the skirt the ability to stand out. The jean jacket is great because it does get cold in restaurants and movie theaters, or wherever you prefer to go for a date. A teal statement necklace adds to the black top, while the clutch just puts the whole look together.

One Simple Change: Even though your date ended well, and you are on your way back home, however your friends want you to come watch a movie with them. All you need to do is change your skirt for a pair of jeans. You can switch to a more comfortable shoe, since you’ll be inside. Now it’s time to talk about how well your date went with them.