WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Whether it’s the first blind date with a person or the fiftieth date with that special someone, making sure you feel stylish and comfortable at the same time is always a must. This Fashionisto’s outfit can be used on almost any date, ranging from grabbing some coffee to getting something to eat at a nice restaurant. His outfit showcases his personal style while still keeping the balance between casual and formal.

The star of his outfit is his button-down. The vibrant colors complement the intricate mosaic patterns. In order to balance out his colorful and vibrant shirt, this Fashionisto used neutral colors for the rest of the outfit. His black jeans balance out the vibrant statement shirt. I love black pants because they go with anything, and they are my go-to pants when I don’t know what to wear. When wearing an article of clothing that is colorful or patterned, make sure all the other elements of your outfit are neutral in order to showcase the statement piece.

This Fashionisto completes his outfit by wearing comfortable yet stylish shoes that are perfect for dates that require a ton of walking. His classic Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses add a casual and cool vibe to his outfit (and protect his eyes). If you’re into bold patterns and are not afraid to experiment with fashion, this Fashionisto is the perfect inspiration for a date with that special someone. All in all, an outfit like his will not only start an interesting conversation if it’s the first date, but it will also make sure you guys are the most stylish couple in the area.

One Simple Change: This outfit can be perfect for your next vacation. If your next vacation is to a warm place, swap out the pants for a pair of khaki shorts and change the shoes to a pair of boat shoes.